Mobile Meal Delivery Robot
for Aged and Disabled People
Barrierfree Kitchen
Automated Teller Machine
Handset of ATM for the Blind
Pulse Oximeter
New Pointing Devices
fora Note-type Workstation
Automated Teller Machine
Halogen Lamp “fusion touch”
TV Remote Controller
TV Remote Controller
Multi-functoin Telephone
NFRP (Natural Fiber Reinforced Plastic) Biogas Plant
Alarm Clock for the Blind
“Touch Me”
Hoverchair for Handicapped Children
Braille Label Marker

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TV Remote Controller KIDStudio Japanease
TV Remote Controller
This is a one-touch remote control unit made especially for personal televisions. There is only one button, which is manipulated with the thumb. The button moves in four directions, so that volume, channel select and power on/off can be controlled. (Designed for Matsushita Electric Industrial in 1986)
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