Mobile Meal Delivery Robot
for Aged and Disabled People
Barrierfree Kitchen
Automated Teller Machine
Handset of ATM for the Blind
Pulse Oximeter
New Pointing Devices
fora Note-type Workstation
Automated Teller Machine
Halogen Lamp “fusion touch”
TV Remote Controller
TV Remote Controller
Multi-functoin Telephone
NFRP (Natural Fiber Reinforced Plastic) Biogas Plant
Alarm Clock for the Blind
“Touch Me”
Hoverchair for Handicapped Children
Braille Label Marker

The biogas plant works on the principle of anaerobic digestion, which is the fermentation, in the absence of air, of organic material such as human, animal and agricultural waste. During fermentation, these wastes produce a gas consisting of 50-70% methane and the remaining slurry forms an organic, high quality manure. In rural communities of developing countries, animal excreta and crop stalks, which were burned for fuel, can be recycled as fertilizer to improve soil quality and raise crop yields. The by-product, methane gas, can be supplied constantly as a fuel. The biogas plant is also an effective way of dealing with excreta and thus improving the hygiene and standard of health. (Governor of Osaka Prefecture Prize in the 2nd International Design Competition, Osaka in 1985.)
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NFRP (Natural Fiber Reinforced Plastic)Biogas Plant KIDStudio Japanease
NFRP (Natural Fiber Reinforced Plastic)Biogas Plant Works
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